Your Parish Needs You

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

“Our God is an on-time God!” Recently I shared that we had been blessed by being the beneficiaries of a very generous gift left to us by Clarence Zacher. This is truly a blessing as there are a number of items that have been on our to-do-list for several years. We have been putting them off simply because we did not have the funds. However, a couple of these items, like the server and parking lot, have gotten to a point where we no longer can do so. And thus, an “on-time” blessing!

While Clarence’s gift will certainly help, it cannot take care of everything we need to do. And so, I am turning to you. I’d like to share with you a list of projects that we need to address, as well as, a couple of things that are on our wish-list. I would like each parishioner to contribute to at least one project. Hopefully, one or more of these items will appeal to your own sense of need in our parish. 

I realize these are not necessarily glamorous things that inspire people to give, like a stained-glass window or a religious statue, but they are nevertheless necessary for the continued operation of our parish.

  • Even before I returned to The Rock, we were told that our network server was out of date and could no longer be repaired and it no longer supports new software upgrades. Our back-up system is also antiquated. And, while not necessarily “essential” a working Wi-Fi system is pretty much expected these days. I have been embarrassed and frustrated on a number of occasions when parishioners or guests were not able to complete a presentation. I know many parishioners, including our youth, have been asking for Wi-Fi in the Parish Hall for several years. These upgrades will make that possible.

 The new server, software, workstations, firewall, backup system and Wi-Fi hardware will cost us around $15,000

  •  Our Fish Fry has become a major fundraiser. It may soon outdo our Card Party. However, we are severely limited by our two fryers, not to mention having to store most of the frozen fish downstairs. Anyone who has worked in our kitchen knows it has issues, such as, no garbage disposals, no drains in the warming tray, an oven that often has problems being lit, and just general issues with an out of date kitchen. While we were planning on doing this with the funds we will receive from your Beyond Sunday Pledges, we would rather not wait 3 more years, and the additional funds we will make on our Fish-Frys in the meantime will be an additional bonus.

 All the kitchen renovations listed above, plus a new floor, hot water heaters, new cooler, shelving, and a list of other items will cost us around $110,000

  •  While we have known we have some issues with our parking lot, we were recently surprised to learn how serious it is, and even more so on the price of repair. However, if we do not act soon it is only going to get worse and if the sub layer fails completely it will cost us three times as much.

 The repairs to all 3 of our lots, plus sealing and striping, will be about $100,000

  •  Once the kitchen is done, we had hoped to then work on the gym. The floor still needs to be repaired and repainted from the damage done when it was used as our church. We want to update our lighting system to LEDs, which will save money, last longer and be dimmable. The windows need to be replaced and we need to replace the sound system.

 All of the gym work will run about $80,000

  •  Br. Terry has his own list of maintenance projects, such as, tuck-pointing and roof repair. We need to replace our van (although I would love to get a grant for this.) We need to get a new copier. We will be replacing our phone system; however, this will actually save us money. 
  • We had originally hoped to put some money into savings, since we have been steadily withdrawing from our savings over the last dozen years. We also wanted to put some money toward our scholarship program, as well as a few other things on our wish-list, but when we got the actual projected cost of the main items that we have to do we realized that rather than having a bit left over, we were going to fall short of what we need.

And so, I am turning to you, since this is your parish after all. If we are going to make these necessary repairs and upgrades we need everyone’s help. I would like each family to discuss these items and pray over what you can give towards one or more of these projects. As a parish, we have been blessed time and time again by very generous gifts from benefactors; some of those gifts did indeed arrive right “on time!” But now it is time for us to step up and contribute so that we can continue to function as a parish, and future generations will be able to call The Rock their spiritual home.

In the Redeemer,

Fr Rick