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Just Do It

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/22/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

It seems every day brings more and more events and projects. Our to-do list just grows and grows. Our new Parish Council met last night and one of the first statements made was the fact that we do a lot of talking, but ... Read More »


Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/18/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

Prayer can basically be defined as a conversation with God. The Catholic Church recognizes 5 forms of prayer (blessing, petition, intercession, thanksgiving & praise) and 3 ways of expressing our prayer (vocal, meditation, contemplative). I’ll admit from the outset that some of those ... Read More »

Happy Mothers Day

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/08/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ, 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who have lovingly mothered someone, whether that be biological, adoptive, foster or just lovingly cared for those children who have come into your life. Not to take anything away from our fathers, especially those who went ... Read More »

Ministries & Projects

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 5/02/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

I pray your Easter was a happy time spent with family and friends, and a truly joyful celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection and the life He won for us. I want to, once again, thank each and every person who participated in The Visitation. Our ... Read More »

Parish Activities

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 4/25/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

I pray you and your family had a happy and blessed Easter. I want to once again thank everyone who had a part to play in our Holy Week and Easter celebrations, not to mention our Fish Fries. Today we welcome Frs. John ... Read More »

Happy Resurrection Day!

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 4/15/19

Happy Resurrection Day!

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

On behalf of the entire Redemptorist community and your parish staff, I want to wish all of you a very happy Easter, on this great “gettin’ up morning!” It is a glorious day for everyone on earth to arise, to ... Read More »

Our Last Sunday of Lent

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 4/09/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of our Lenten Journey. We gather together as a community on this very special Sunday--the only Sunday where we read two Gospels. The first Gospel is proclaimed even before we enter our church. ... Read More »

Recent Religious Conference

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 4/04/19

From the Desk of Fr Stephen 

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune of going out to Los Angeles for a religious conference.  It is the largest sort of conference like this in the country and it is always held in the spring with about 40,000 ... Read More »

Good Works

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 3/25/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

For the next three Sundays we have the option of proclaiming the C-cycle readings, since we are in the C-cycle, or we can proclaim the A-cycle readings. Normally the A readings are proclaimed in parishes that have people going through the RCIA process ... Read More »

Being the Body of Christ

Posted by Patricia Garnett on 2/20/19

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

First, I would like to ask you to read the letter inserted into today’s bulletin. You may have heard that Pope Francis has called for a major meeting with religious leaders to discuss the issue of protecting minors, especially within The Church. Included ... Read More »