Fall Festival/Card Party

Thank you 'Rock' Church family and friends!

The final report is not ready yet, but the NET PROFIT from this year's virtual Fall Festival is $22,356.95.  What an incredible blessing and such a great success! Thanks to the hard work and generosity of ROCK Church family, Fr Dave Polek and his inner circle, and friends of the ROCK who bought raffle tickets, participated in the virtual bingo, bought/sold ads, donated in kind, or donated money.  A special thank you to the technical and planning team who put in so many hours to make the virtual event happen.  All the hassle was worth it.  This year's total beat last year's Card Party/Fall Festival by $1,399, so this is great news!

CELEBRATE, Y'ALL!  This is great news!


St. Alphonsus "Rock" Church Fall Festival 2020 Ad Book Video