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Andrew Tran-Chung to leave The Rock and return to New York in August

Saint Louis, Missouri - Andrew Tran-Chung will leave the Rock next Monday, concluding his 8-week summer experience with us. Andrew will return to New York, NY in August to begin his third year of philosophy studies at St. John's University.

"For me, the biggest lesson I’m taking away from this summer experience isn’t serving at the food pantry, cooking at the Missionaries of Charity, joining in on Bible Study, serving at Mass, taking pictures at events, serving hotdogs at Grill to Glory, or designing a new website," said Andrew Tran-Chung. "It’ll be constantly evolving to meet the people’s needs, fighting for equality for everyone, but most times, it’s just to be part of the family that welcomes people with love at every mass, celebration, and down moment."


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