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A Commission is a group of parishioners officially charged with a particular function and/or task. Each Commission has a Chairperson, some also have a co-chair. Under each Commission are various ministries that work in support of the church and its mission. Some Commissions are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing specific activities and events.

Reinforcing our faith.

Contact Jean Anthony

Nourishing, encouraging and developing ways to extend our circle of responsibility as Christians

Hilda Phillips, Chair

Jocelyn Woodson-Reed, Co-chair

Responsible for monitoring and managing Parish resources, budget and facilities

Contact Monica Huddleston, Chair

Provide social activities in which we fellowship with our church family thus strengthening our Church

Contact Rose Graham, Chair

Knights of Peter Claver

KOPC and the Ladies Auxiliary is an organization filled with zealous Catholics working for their parish.

Ensuring that our worship is "authentically Black and truly Catholic".

Contact Richard Buckley, Chair or

Sharon Cooney-Smith, Co-Chair

Music Ministry

Our beautiful Gospel choirs that lead us in worship through music

Contact Malcolm Speed, Minister of Music-Voices of Praise Choir or Danny DuMaine, Minister of Music-Voices of St. Alphonsus

Works to foster community justice, eradicate racism and poverty and advocate for peace and non-violence

Contact Kathy McGinnis, Chair or

Wilma Locke, Co-chair

Welcoming new Rock family members into the Catholic Church through the sacraments

Contact Sharon Cooney-Smith

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