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Council of Elders

This Council serves as a "seat of wisdom" for the Pastor, Staff, Parish Council and Parish family. They connect us with our history, customs and culture. They advise, challenge, correct and encourage us as a community of faith.

They perform a variety of important services for the Parish:


  • Meet quarterly with the Pastor to provide personal counsel, give input and direction based on experience and wisdom

  • Blessing of the homilist/preacher

  • Gives the "Elder's Blessing" at the sacraments of Baptism and Matrimony

  • Attend RCIA classes, upon request, to present testimonies of faith

Elder Joyce Brown

Elder Cheryl Carr

Elder Damon Clay

Elder Faye Combs

Elder Jacqueline Day

Elder Donald Jones

Elder Helene LaBerta

Elder Michael Page

Elder Benjamin Phillips

Elder Delores Reed

Elder Harriet Tillman 

Yetta Kilgore, Elder Emeritus

Ernest Nashville, Elder Emeritus

Elders' Schedule

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